Five Summer Trade Candidates for the Calgary Flames

Calgary Flames
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5. Andrei Kuzmenko

Andrei Kuzmenko
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The Calgary Flames just acquired Andrei Kuzmenko from the Vancouver Canucks in the Elias Lindholm deal, but at 28-years of age in just his second NHL season, his value may lay firmly in the trade market. In 15 games since the trade, Kuzmenko has become a fan favourite with his unique, infectious personality, but with his pending free agency next year, teams may be willing to pay more in the summer than they would as a rental ahead of the trade deadline.

In 15 games since joining the Flames, Kuzmenko has tallied a solid 5 goals and 3 assists, despite dealing with health issues along the way, so if the Flames find a market for him, he could clearly be productive for a playoff contender. Beyond that, the team are constantly scratching players like Matt Coronato and Jakob Pelletier or putting them on the fourth line, and making this trade would allow them the opportunity to open up a key spot in the top-nine for one of them.