Five Summer Trade Candidates for the Calgary Flames

Calgary Flames
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1. Nazem Kadri

Nazem Kadri
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When he signed a seven-year deal with the Flames in the summer of 2022, Nazem Kadri appeared ready to help this team make sustained pushes at the Stanley Cup, but after almost two seasons, it appears he's not going to get that chance. When the topic of rebuild comes up, the first name that many Flames fans think of is Kadri's future, as he's made it clear that he's not open to a rebuild, and if that's the case, moving him in the summer after a very strong season makes sense.

Sure, Craig Conroy must have doubts about moving him given that center is the weakest position in their lineup, but with his production still solid, netting 23 goals and 59 points in 68 games this season, they need to move him before his value begins to decline. Breaking up the trio of Zary-Kadri-Pospisil also isn't ideal, but with Connor Zary as a natural center, he could take over that role in his second year, making Kari the most likely player to be traded. It's unlikel that he'll net a major return given that he's under contract until he's 38-years of age, but if they could land an future assets, now is the time to make a deal.