Five teams that could target a Jacob Markstrom trade with the Calgary Flames this summer

Calgary Flames, Jacob Markstrom
Calgary Flames, Jacob Markstrom / Mike Carlson/GettyImages
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4. Buffalo Sabres

The Buffalo Sabres made the surprise move at the deadline to deal Casey Mittelstadt for Bowen Byram, and while that signals they're still looking to get younger and grow going forward, the addition of an elite goaltender could change their timeline tremendously. Devon Levi is in a similar spot to Dustin Wolf, with his future in the NHL being incredibly bright, but as we've seen in limited action this season, he just isn't ready to carry the load, so a trade for Markstrom could make perfect sense.

Sure, the Sabres could continue making high picks to see if they can continue their rebuild, but sooner or later they will need a veteran piece to help them win, and Markstrom could do just that behind a talented yet inexperienced defense. It's unclear whether or not the 34-year old would waive his NMC for Buffalo, but if he did, the Flames would potentially be looking at some great prospects or some top picks in return.