Four teams the Calgary Flames could trade up in the first round with

Calgary Flames, Jacob Markstrom
Calgary Flames, Jacob Markstrom / Derek Cain/GettyImages
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Utah NHL

The Utah NHL team remains so new that they are still yet to confirm a name and an identity, but with a new team coming into the league, they will almost always look to make an immediate impact and push for a playoff spot. With young names like Clayton Keller, Josh Doan, Logan Cooley, Dylan Guenther and so many others, the future is incredibly bright, but after years of improving, it’s time for them to make a playoff push.

Utah holds the No. 6 overall pick in the draft, and as such the Flames may need to part with another asset on top of Markstrom/Vancouver first, but it would certainly be a way for them to land a win-now asset. With Markstrom in net, Utah would have the ability to steal plenty of games that they have no right winning, and the confidence that would bring would be a game changer for a franchise that’s about to step into a major spotlight.

At No. 6, Utah could add a solid player that may help them down the line, but if Ryan Smith and this front office want to go for it, there’s no better player for them to chase than Jacob Markstrom, while also having a late first-round pick to take a chance on.