NHL Draft retrospective: A look back on the No. 9 overall pick

Calgary Flames, NHL Draft
Calgary Flames, NHL Draft / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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Solid NHLer - Michael Rasmussen (2017)

While plenty of players bust in the draft and others boom, there’s also another alternative; a nice, solid NHLer that can contribute in the bottom six, and that’s exactly what Michael Rasmussen has done thus far. The 25-year old Center has 119 points in 312 NHL games played thus far, and while his potential remains as a bottom-six player at the top level, the Flames could do better, but they could also do much, much worse.

The first round of this years draft has plenty of talent, and with the Flames holding Vancouver’s pick, which we now know will be No. 28, that is the position the team would love to target someone like Rasmussen. Ultimately, Detroit likely aren’t unhappy with the pick, and while you want to swing for a star at No. 9 overall, if you fall short and land a solid contributor, there’s plenty of positives to be found in that.