Ranking the Calgary Flames needs this off-season

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A backup goaltender

Going off a previous point, the Flames need to move Jacob Markstrom in the coming months, and if they do, the team need a different backup for Dustin Wolf, who figures to be the teams No. 1 option moving forward. On paper, the best option would be to find a veteran such as David Rittich, Cam Talbot or others that would relish a backup role, but there are other potential names out there like Ilya Samsonov that may be worth taking a look at.

If the Flames can find a worthy piece behind Wolf, they may also be able to get an asset in return for Dan Vladar (although it's likely to be a pick below the fourth round), but whoever they acquire must come with the knowledge that Wolf is the guy moving forward. Given Wolf's potential, he needs to be starting at least 60 games in 2024-25, but if Calgary can find themselves a serviceable backup, and potentially one that can stick around for a few years, it will help confidence and the development of their potential young star.