Ranking the Calgary Flames needs this off-season

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A franchise star of the future

While the Flames didn't manage to have any lottery luck, they still find themselves sitting at the No. 9 spot in the upcoming draft, giving them the chance to land a potential star of the future. The obvious name is Tij Iginla, but the team have so many needs that they could opt for the likes of Zayne Parekh, Zeev Buium or Sam Dickinson, with Berkley Catton and so many others potentially available at the pick.

In recent years, the team have landed solid players like Matt Coronato, Dustin Wolf, Jakob Pelletier and Connor Zary, but none of those project to be superstar level players, so this is the year that Calgary need to change that. The front office clearly has a plan moving forward, but one thing they need to do is give the fans hope, and if they can tune into the AHL and see a superstar of the future take the ice, it makes a huge difference.

The Flames also have a late first-round pick and eight in the first four rounds, so they will have their chances to take some major swings as they look to fill out some key positions for the future of the organization.