Calgary Flames: Kris Vertseeg Top Five Best Moments

CALGARY, AB - APRIL 17: Kris Versteeg
CALGARY, AB - APRIL 17: Kris Versteeg /

It’s been a week since the Calgary Flames re-signed Kris Vertseeg to a one-year contract. Let’s take a look at his five best moments.

It’s been one week and one day since Kris Versteeg re-signed with the Calgary Flames. He was set to become a free agent and reportedly had about a dozen teams offering him a contract. Versteeg is definitely a fan-favourite after last season. With barely any teams offering him contracts, the Edmonton Oilers gave him a PTO. But basically at the last minute, he signed with Calgary instead for virtually the same price ($950K).

Anybody who chooses Calgary over Edmonton gets a thumbs up in my books (looking at you, Spencer Foo). Something to note is that Versteeg said that playing with the Flames revived his love for hockey. Which makes me cry a little bit.

Versteeg re-signed with the Flames on a one-year contract for $1.75 million. He definitely took quite the discount, seeing how he had offers from almost half the league. I highlighted earlier how the Flames must re-sign Versteeg and how he’s an awesome price for a bottom-six guy. He performed exceptionally well compared to other bottom-sixers and for way cheaper too.

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He’s also versatile, in that if the Flames need him to, he can basically play on any line with any players. He also has a lot of playoff experience and it definitely showed this past season. He was easily one of the best guys on the ice for the Calgary Flames during their short playoff run.

But enough about praising Versteeg, let’s get on with this.

Versteeg is known as a funny guy. Even Troy Brouwer, a current and former teammate with the Chicago Blackhawks, says that he’s the funniest guy on the team and he always has something witty to say. So in honor of him being re-signed to Calgary, let’s look at Versteeg’s top-five moments (warning: it involves a lot of singing).

Number Five – Kris Versteeg danced. And he cried.

And he laughed and had a really really really good time.

This was during the Chicago Blackhawks rally after they won the Cup in 2015. The Calgary Flames ABSOLUTELY need to win a Cup this upcoming season just so we can witness some Verteeg singing in person.

Number Four – Kris Versteeg can be your hero.. baby

Would Kris Versteeg dance if you asked him to dance? Would he run and never look back? Would he cry if he saw you crying? Would he save your soul tonight?

This would definitely be higher on our list if Versteeg wasn’t such a character, but we’ve got some other stuff ahead.

Number Three – Queen Wave

In a game during this past season, the 2016-2017 season, the Calgary Flames had a game against the New York Rangers. Now, before we continue on with this, let’s just first and foremost say that Kris Versteeg is in no way a fighter. He RARELY fights.

Alright, now that we got that cleared out of the way let’s move on with it. And I’m pretty sure you know where this is going.

Versteeg got into a fight with Pavel Buchnevich in the third period and they each got five for fighting. However, Versteeg’s jersey came off and an NHL rule is that if your jersey isn’t properly strapped down (which it wasn’t), you get ejected for that game.

I mean, in all fairness, it’s not like Versteeg even knew he was going to fight someone that game. Nobody really knew or expected it. Like I said, Versteeg is not a known fighter. But nonetheless, he got ejected for the rest of the game. But he did it in style.

He decided to give all the fans at MSG a little bit of a ‘Queen’ wave as he was leaving the ice. Which the fans loved. Again, showing Versteeg’s funny and witty character.

Number Two – Rapping to Fergalicious

Back in 2008, Kris Versteeg knew all the lyrics to Fergalicious by Fergie. Honestly, he probably still knows all the lyrics, let’s be real here. Somebody do a solid for the team and ask him to rap it again.

Number One – Dancing at Setoguchi’s Wedding

I don’t even have any words for this. You just need to watch it.

Clearly when I asked earlier “Would he dance?”, we now know that he would. Also, thank you to my lovely friend Ari over at Flames Nation for showing me this video. It has truly saved my life.

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And that’s all we have for you today! Hopefully after this season, we can add more to this list. Maybe there will be another Kris Versteeg singing at the Stanley Cup Party to replace the one in Chicago… just saying.