Calgary Flames at ASG: Johnny Gaudreau wins Puck Control Relay

TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 27: Johnny Gaudreau
TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 27: Johnny Gaudreau /

One of the most fun days of the season: the All-Star skills competition day. Calgary Flames superstar forward, Johnny Gaudreau, won an event.

This is one of the best days of the entire season: The All-Star skills competition. I think it’s sometimes more fun than the actual All-Star game, but to each their own. The Calgary Flames have two players at ASG this year: Johnny Gaudreau and Mike Smith, who got a late invite when Jonathan Quick opted out.

Johnny Gaudreau officially participated in just one event: the puck control relay challenge. Mike Smith, on the other hand, just got to sit back and relax and watch everyone go.

His kids were busy, though.

Taking after their dad, I see.

In the puck control relay challenge, Gaudreau went first. Which is generally a disadvantage because you can’t see what the others are doing, but not for Johnny Hockey.

This challenge wasn’t as easy as it looked. And for others, who even cheated and put the puck on the stick with their hands, still couldn’t beat Johnny.

Gaudreau’s time 0:24.65 held as the quickest time, earning him the winning title of that portion. The Pacific Division ended up winning four different categories: Fastest skater, save streak, puck control relay, and accuracy shooting. There were a total of six events, so the Pacific Division did quite well.

I’m angry that the NHL got rid of the four-line challenge, so we couldn’t see Mike Smith score this impossible five-hole goal from the other end of the ice.

A true crime, that we couldn’t see it. For all the winners in each category, our friend Dave Stevenson was doing live updates over at Puck Prose, which he’ll be doing again for the actual game.

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It was a fun day, let’s hope for some more fun during the actual game.