Did the Calgary Flames get enough in return ahead of the NHL trade deadline?

The Calgary Flames were one of the most active sellers ahead of the NHL trade deadline, but did they get enough in return to facilitate a true rebuild?
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Noah Hanifin trade brought in an intriguing blueliner and a top pick

It’s always great when your team lands a conditional first-round pick AND an intriguing player to go along with them. And that’s what the Flames did here, snagging a potentially decent defenseman in Daniil Miromanov, plus conditional first and third-round picks. 

Per Cap Friendly, the first-rounder will be for 2025, but it can fall to 2026. Whether the pick is for 2025 or 2026 is irrelevant, as the Flames currently have five first-round selections over the next three drafts, which is perfect for a potential rebuild. Their 2025 third-rounder will become a second-rounder if the Knights win just one playoff series should they make the postseason. 

As for Miromanov, he’s got just 29 games of NHL experience and seven points, but he’s developed well with the Henderson Silver Knights, with 68 career points in 95 games. He’s one to watch, and there is a good chance he becomes a permanent part of the lineup following the two-year extension he signed.

Chris Tanev trade also brought in sound value for the Flames

The Flames took part in a trade with the Dallas Stars and the New Jersey Devils regarding Chris Tanev, and they snagged a second-rounder in 2024, a conditional third-rounder in 2026 if the Stars make the Stanley Cup Final this season, and Artyom Grushnikov, another solid defenseman who will finish the year for the AHL’s Calgary Wranglers. 

As we have seen so often this season, even regarding the Elias Lindholm, Nikita Zadorov, and Tyler Toffoli trades, these moves have brought many future assets here for the Flames, including a first-rounder for 2024 that was part of the Lindholm trade. 

So, did the Flames get enough in their most recent trades? It’s easy to say that they could never get enough for a pair of productive players like Hanifin and Tanev. But they still landed a first-round pick, a second-round pick, and potentially another second-rounder at the absolute least, along with one current asset they seem to value in Miromanov. Perhaps another in Grushnikov, should the former second-round pick live up to expectations.