3 more players the Calgary Flames must deal before the trade deadline

After trading Elias Lindholm to the Vancouver Canucks, the Calgary Flames are solidifying themselves as sellers as we inch closer to the 2024 trade deadline.

Vegas Golden Knights v Calgary Flames
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Jacob Markstrom could wind up with a contender in need of a goalie

Quite a few contenders will be looking for a high-quality goaltender, so don’t be surprised if teams like the New Jersey Devils, Tampa Bay Lightning, or Detroit Red Wings call or if they already have called, to name a few. The aforementioned teams may not all be enjoying solid seasons in 2023-24, but they could be just one solid goaltender away from serious contention. 

Markstrom will also bring tons of experience to any team if they decide to trade for him, as he has played at least one game in the league over the past 15 years, including 2023-24. He also enjoyed an elite year in 2021-22, taking Second Team All-Star honors plus a second-place finish for the Vezina, behind only Igor Shesterkin.

This season, Markstrom’s output has been more of the same, with a 0.912 save percentage, a 2.60 GAA, a pair of shutouts, and a 0.621 quality starts percentage. For comparison, that percentage is better so far than what he accumulated in 2021-22, so it also tells us Markstrom is still one of the NHL’s premier goaltenders. 

If he’s traded, he could still factor as a No. 1 netminder, but there are a few places that will let him slide into a No. 2 role, such as in Tampa Bay.