Calgary Flames Daily: Post-game loss, seven straight losses

CALGARY, AB - MARCH 29: Troy Brouwer
CALGARY, AB - MARCH 29: Troy Brouwer /

The Calgary Flames lost their seventh straight game last night to the Columbus Blue Jackets. At least they spoiled the shutout party though, right?

It’s rough being a Calgary Flames fans these days, hey? After losing their seventh straight game last night, it may seem like they’re not giving their all. But the Flames actually had a pretty good game last night. They had 38 shots on goal and only mustered to get one past Sergei Bobrovsky with only 21.4 seconds left in the game. Sorry Bob.

The Flames have just four games left in their season until they start golfing. Except with the snow today, it may still be a while until they can golf here. One fun game will be tomorrow night against the Edmonton Oilers, their provincial rivals.

The Flames finally won against the Oilers the last time these two teams met for the first time in seven games. At that point, it still seemed like the Flames could make the playoffs. How much of a difference two weeks can make, hey?

Another fun reason for the game tomorrow night is that Spencer Foo will be making his NHL debut. Foo was an off-season acquisition who was one of the highest touted NCAA players. As a free agent, he was offered contracts with three other teams – one being Edmonton, the team he grew up cheering for. So it was a great feeling for Flames fans when he chose to sign with the Flames instead.

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Via Calgary Sun:

"“Obviously, I wanted to come in and make an impact right away but with it taking some time to finally get there, I did learn a lot,” Foo said earlier this week, before receiving the orders to stuff a suitcase and report to the Saddledome.“And now that I’m kind of at that point, it’s a bit of a different feeling going into the rink when you know your team is relying on you to produce. At the start of the year, we had so many guys that are up (in Calgary) now that were helping our team score every night. Since those guys have been gone, there hasn’t been a ton of secondary scoring, so I’m glad I’ve been able to round out my game there and start helping our team in that way.”"

It doesn’t seem like many people are watching Calgary Flames games these days. They may watch tomorrow because of the Battle of Alberta. But I’ve been watching all of them for two reasons: I like to suffer and I’m strong and will survive the apocalypse.

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