Six questions the Calgary Flames must answer this summer

Calgary Flames, Ryan Huska
Calgary Flames, Ryan Huska / Derek Cain/GettyImages
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Do Calgary want a new Iginla in town?

All attention for the Calgary Flames and the Flames have now turned to the 2024 NHL Draft, after officially finding out they will be drafting at No. 9 overall when the event rolls around in late June. There’s expected to be so much talent available when the Flames are on the board, but to no ones surprise, all the talk has been around Kelwona’s Tij Iginla, whose last name obviously carries much weight in the city of Calgary.

Over the past year, no one in the 2024 draft class has risen more than the talented forward, who has the ability to play both wing and centre, making him the perfect prospect to potentially lead the Flames into the future. If he falls to No. 9, the Flames have a massive decision on their hands, because while he may have the talent to be worthy of that spot, the pressure that his last name will bring is something Calgary need to take into serious consideration.

Ultimately, the Flames are likely to go best player available, and if that’s Iginla, so be it, but given that Jarome will now be in the front office moving forward, it’s a question that he and Craig Conroy will need to weigh up heavily.